About the Blog

All DvarTorahs on the Parsha that you may find on this site are provided by Rabbi Menachem Raab, my Saba.

This is how it all started…
Every week I receive a Dvar Torah straight to my email from my Saba, Rabbi Menachem Raab. They are short and to the point. There is always something new to learn from it. I decided to start this blog to share those weekly insights.

I have recently started adding other Torah related content to the site. My own insights or interesting things I find online.

My name is Aaron… Nice to meet you!
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12 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Aryeh

    Thank you so much for putting this blog together, the Divrei Torah are great. Baruch Hashem I have a D’var Torah service where I text message and email daily Divrei Torah to over thirty people (if anyone would like to be added to this list please email dailydvartorah@yahoo.com), and alot of times I use your Divrei Torah. I hope it’s okay. So thank you so much for being mezakeh the rabim and chazak u’baruch.
    (If this is a problem please email me.)

  2. Sahra Merrill Kott

    Thanks Aaron ,

    Shavua Tov to your Saba and also to you and your whole family. Thanks for your
    grand idea to create this blig .

    very sincerely
    Sahra Merrill Kott

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