Dvar Torah Parshat Tzav 2016 5776 – Thank You Hashem!

Amongst the Korbanot (sacrifices) described in this week’s Sidra we read:  אִם עַל תּוֹדָה יַקְרִיבֶנּוּ, “If he shall offer it for a thanksgiving-offering…”. (Lev. 7,12) Rashi explains that this is referring to the four times that Chazal tell us a person must offer his thanks to Hashem. These occasions are: if one has made a sea voyage, or one has travelled in the wilderness, or one has been kept in prison, or one has been seriously ill and has now recovered.

In the days of sacrifices in the Temple in Yerushalayim such an individual was obligated to bring a thanksgiving offering. Today according to Chazal he must offer a prayer of thanks in the presence of a Minyan of ten people.

What this teaches us is that one should show appreciation when he finds he has been blessed with a special significant gift from Hashem. It also teaches us that when we are granted a gift from an individual, whether it be something physical or some form of help, we should not accept it as if it is owed to us but we must express our gratitude and appreciation. This is something that we often forget to do. We must be mindful and remember.



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