Extra Shabbat Soul – Short Dvar Torah on Parshat VaYakhel 5776 2016

photo-1444080748397-f442aa95c3e5 (640x360)
In today’s Sidra we read how Moshe gave instructions to begin building the Mishkan. He starts, however, by emphasizing that the Shabbat is not to be desecrated, implying that even in building the Mishkan, the Shabbat has to be observed. Later Chazal learned the laws prohibiting work on Shabbat from the work necessary in building the Mishkan.

Rabbi Moshe Zevi Neriah, one of the founders of the Benei Akiva Yeshivot in Israel, points out that not only do we learn the negative laws of Shabbat from the Mishkan but also the positive laws.

The practice of wearing special clothes of Shabbat comes from the fine clothes that that Kohanim had to wear in the Mishkan. Lighting Shabbat candles mimics the Menorah or candelabra. The Shabbat table with its distinguished Shabbat meals comes from the Shulchan or table for the Showbread in the Mishkan.

When Shabbat enters the Jewish person is transformed into a holy soul,

just like the holiness of the Mishkan.  He, indeed, gets a Neshama Yetera, an extra Shabbat Soul.


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