Dvar Torah Parshat Mishpatim 5776 2016

We live in an environment where we want to understand everything that we are required to do. That has helped us advance in science and in all the new innovations and medical progress in the last centuries.

This is not desirable in all fields. When a doctor prescribes a medication we do not first try to understand what is in it and how it works. We have faith in him because we know he has had medical training that we do not have and he is using his best understanding when he prescribes a medicine.

When a captain in the army gives a command the soldiers do not ask him to explain why he chose that method of operation The soldier follows the orders because he believes that the captain has had better training than he has had and supposedly knows that  he is ordering the correct action.

The Midrash tells us when Hashem came with the Torah and wanted to give it to humanity, he went to each nation, one at a time, offering it. Everyone asked what was in it and when told they found objections to some item that they could not live by.

When Hashem approached the Jewish people their instant response was: נַעֲשֶׂה וְנִשְׁמָע, the literal translation is, “we will do and we will listen”. (Ex. 54,7) The meaning is we are ready to obey whatever the Torah says, now we will listen to hear what is in it.

The observant Jew today recognizes that the Torah came from Hashem and hence we should obey even if we cannot rationalize all that is in it.


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