Dvar Torah Parshat Miketz 5775 2014

When Pharaoh had two strange dreams he summoned all his wise men and no one was able to interpret the meaning of the dreams. Then his Cupbearer spoke up and reminded Pharaoh that he had been imprisoned with the Baker and one night they both had dreams. Then, he states: וְשָׁם אִתָּנוּ נַעַר, עֶבֶד, עִבְרִי “And there with us was a youth, a Hebrew, a slave…”. (Gen. 41,12) He explains how Yosef was able to accurately interpret both their dreams.

Although the Cupbearer was recommending someone who can possibly interpret Pharaoh’s dreams, he doesn’t hesitate to throw in a few sharp discriminating words, declaring that he was a Hebrew and a slave. He was willing to use Yosef’s services, but at the same time he had to scorn and belittle him.

How much like the world today. Israel offers the world so many new inventions and technologies. It creates numerous health improving discoveries. Its innovations and revolutionary advances have helped save many lives throughout the world. Yet the world keeps criticizing and condemning Israel for everything it does. Nothing has changed since the days of Pharaoh.


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