Dvar Torah Parshat VaYeshev 5775 2014

Yosef was sold into slavery in Egypt and we are told: וַיְהִי יְקֹוָק אֶת־יוֹסֵף וַיְהִי אִישׁ מַצְלִיחַ, “Hashem was with Yosef, and he became a successful man…” (Gen. 39,2)

There is an interesting way to understand this passage. Yosef was a successful man even though he was in slavery because he maintained his faith in Hashem. Even while he slaved under the difficult conditions, he was productive and flourished because he believed in Hashem. He never felt abandoned and kept his faith at all times.

Many times we face difficult obstacles and feel we are under impossible impediments and hindrances and find it almost impossible to continue. At such times we must put our faith in Hashem and we will gain the strength to continue.

When we confront obstacles and hurdles in life and overcome them, we are strengthened and reinforced in our character and have the fortitude to continue against all difficulties. Faith in Hashem and confidence in ourselves will help us overcome all predicaments.


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