Dvar Torah Parshat Re’eh 5774 2014

Moshe speaking to the people tells them: כִּי עַם קָדוֹשׁ אַתָּה, “For you are a holy people…”. (Deut. 14,2) Rashi explains that their holiness derives from the forefathers. Rashi elaborates here and quotes the rest of the verse which states: וּבְךָ בָּחַר יְקֹוָק, “and Hashem has chosen you…”.

Rashi implies that although the Jewish people are inherently holy with that which we acquired from our ancestors, we have our responsibilities to keep this holiness alive within us so that He chooses us on our own merit. How is that to be accomplished? By not following the practices of the pagan cultures.

We who live in a modern world face all sorts of temptations that confront us daily. Television, internet, Facebook, the press, the movies and many other contemporary inventions challenge us regularly. If we want to maintain our holiness, we must constantly be on guard to avoid falling into the snares of our times. The Jewish way of life, as prescribed by the Torah, if one lives by it, will help us elude these pitfalls and keep us in a state of holiness which we inherently received from past generations.


One thought on “Dvar Torah Parshat Re’eh 5774 2014

  1. Avishai Berman

    My name is Avishai. I just graduated high school about 2 months ago and I am heading to yeshivat birkat moshe maale adumim for the coming year. I want to thank you for your blog with weekly divrei Torah on the week’s sidra. For the past four years I have continually been using your Torah to share at my shabbat table every week. Your insights are truly inspiring and always give me something to look forward to.

    ‘skoyach and thank you -Avishai

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