Dvar Torah on Parshat Korach 5774 2014 | What’s Your Motive?

Korach rebelled against Moshe’s leadership arguing that Moshe and Aharon had taken upon themselves the leadership when: כָל הָעֵדָה כֻּלָּם קְדֹשִׁים
“…for the entire assembly -all of them- are holy…why do you exalt yourselves…”. (Num. 16,3) Moshe’s answer to Korach was: הַמְעַט מִכֶּם כִּי הִבְדִּיל אֱלֹקֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל אֶתְכֶם, “Is it not enough for you that G-d of Israel has segregated you…to perform the service of the Mishkan…?” (Num. 16,9)

What was Moshe’s argument against Korach? Korach wanted Moshe or Aharon’s position. What effect does Moshe’s argument have that Korach is a Levite and isn’t that enough for him? Obviously Korach thought it was not enough.

A great Rabbi once gave a clever answer to this question. Korach posed his opposition against Moshe saying that everyone is holy and why was Moshe taking a special position above everyone. Moshe’s answer was if everyone is holy, as you claim, why didn’t you complain when you were made a Levite above others and given special holy functions in the Mishkan? Since you accepted that position without considering others, you are only interested in glorifying yourself.

Before seeking a special position one should take an honest look at himself and try to determine his real motive. Is it to perform the task that is needed to be done or is it just to satisfy his own selfish interests?


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