Dvar Torah Parshat Bechukotai 5774 2014

Studying and gaining knowledge has many different goals. A scientist will try to increase his knowledge of the universe, the earth, or of physical laws so as to improve our understanding of the world. With this information he may be able to develop new inventions that will make life easier. Medical studies and pharmaceutical experimentation help to improve the health of everyone.

The study of Torah is not to make life easier or healthier. Living according to the Torah precepts properly, offers a way of life that makes society and personal existence more meaningful.

he Torah says: אִם בְּחֻקֹּתַי תֵּלֵכוּ, “If you will follow My decrees…”. (Lev. 26,3) The Torah continues by enumerating the many blessings with which Hashem will bless you. In explaining this verse Rashi says: הוו עמלים בתורה על מנת לשמור ולקיים, “If you will study the Torah conscientiously with the intentions to keep and to fulfill it teachings…”.

According to Rashi’s explanation, which of course, is based on the Rabbinic understanding, the road to good observance starts with the study of Torah for the purpose of fulfilling its requirements. The promise of a good life and a good society revolves around the diligent study of Torah.


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