Dvar Torah Parshat Miketz – Shabbat Chanukah 5774 2013

Usually the Sidra of MiKetz is read during the holiday of Chanukah. There seems to be a similarity between the story mentioned in this Portion and the story of Chanukah.

In the Sidra we read of a strange happening. In the dreams of Pharaoh he saw thin and gaunt cows devouring fat and healthy cows and seven ears of thin and scorched ears of grain swallowing healthy and full ears of grain.
In the prayer of על הנסים which we recite during Chanukah in every Amida and every Grace After Meals we state: מסרת גבורים ביד חלשים, “You delivered the strong into the hands of the weak”. This is a similar theme as in the Sidra. It isn’t the strong and the mighty that are more powerful. Often the weak and the humble can be mightier.

This is an important observation of which we should take heed. At organizational meetings it is customary to see that those who have more money and more influence usually have their suggestions taken while the less influential are barely given any attention. The story of Chanukah and the Sidra of MiKetz should encourage everyone to voice their opinion and not to fear to stand up against the more influential people.
This is true in organizational life, in business and in our day to day relationships with our friends and acquaintances. We should always have the courage and fortitude to stand up for what we believe.


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