Dvar Torah on Parshat VaYetze 2013 5774

Yaakov took his family and left Lavan’s country to return to his father’s Land of Israel. Lavan pursues him intending to harm him but the two finally make a treaty and as a witness of the pact between them they set up a mound of stones and gave it a name. Lavan called it Yegar Sahaduta and Yaakov called it Gal’ed. (Gen. 31,47)

Both gave it the same name which, as Rashi explains, means the mound is a witness. Lavan gave it the Aramaic name and Yaakov gave it the Hebrew name. In the very next verse we find Lavan explaining the meaning of the name and then the Torah says: עַל־כֵּן קָרָא־שְׁמוֹ גַּלְעֵד, “…therefore he called the name Gal’ed.” The meaning is that Laban also called it Gal’ed.

Laban, agreeing to call it by the Hebrew name, indicates that when we maintain our principles and keep to our beliefs, eventually others see our rights and accede to our view. In today’s world Israel is being delegitimized. The world cannot see our rights to Israel. Perhaps it is because we do not emphasize our ancient possession of the land but try to sell our ownership on the basis of the new founding of the state. Conceivably, if we would revise our claim to Israel, the world may see our justification.


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