Dvar Torah Parshat Vayigash 2012 5773 – The Leader among his brothers

Binyamin was accused of stealing Yosef’s goblet with which he divines and can see things unknown to others. Yosef wanted to detain Binyamin and send the other brothers home. Yehudah speaks up forcefully and, not only convinces Yosef to free Binyamin, but even plays on Yosef’s emotions and he had to admit to his brothers who he was. What were Yehuda’s arguments that lead to these results?

He really caught Yosef in a contradiction. He claimed that Yosef had asked the brothers in their previous appearance before him, if they had a father or a brother. To this Yehudah said, if the goblet has such divine powers that you can see in it things unknown to others, then you didn’t have to ask us that question. You could have gotten the information from the goblet. Hence, this goblet is no different from others and you should free Binyamin.

This argument was so powerful that Yosef had to free his brother, but he also realized he was going too far in mistreating his brothers. He was so moved; he had to reveal himself to them.

Yehudah’s arguments were so brilliant, that it was why Yehudah was the leader among his brothers and that is why his descendants became the kings of Israel.


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