Dvar Torah Parshat Bereishit 5773 2012

Before creating man, the Torah tells us Hashem said: נַעֲשֶׂה אָדָם , “…let us make man…”. (Gen. 1,26) This seems to be a dangerous and misleading statement. To whom was Hashem speaking? The impression is that there was someone or something else that existed with whom Hashem was consulting and who would help Him in creating man.

Chazal saw this danger and they make an amazing statement. Rashi on this verse quotes their reaction and tells us that although the use of the plural may give heretics an opportunity to error, yet the verse “does not refrain from teaching proper conduct and the virtue of humbleness; that the greater should consult and take permission from the smaller”.

This virtue of not considering oneself so mighty and so much above everyone else is so highly essential, that the Torah did not hesitate to teach us this moral even though it could give heretics the potential likelihood to be mislead in their eagerness to disprove our basic belief in monotheism.

We can recognize how important is the virtue of humbleness and humility that the Torah was not concerned that someone may misunderstand its meaning and go astray.

We are being taught that no individual is so brilliant that he need not take advice from others and can act alone. We can all learn from each other and must not feel so superior that we need not seek advice from others.

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