Dvar Torah Parshat Vayelech 5773 2012

At the end of his days Moshe is told by Hashem to relate the Shira, the Portion of Ha’azinu, to Bnei Israel. The last verse in today’s Portion of VaYelech ends with the words: “Moses spoke the words of this song into the ears of the entire congregation of Israel”, עַד תֻּמָּם, “until their conclusion”. (Deut. 31,30)

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein asks, how could anyone think that Moshe would not recite the entire song? Why does the Torah say “until their conclusion”? He answers by saying that Moshe was not only to recite the words of the song but also had to provide an in depth meaning of what these words implied. Hence these words do not refer to the recitation of the song but rather to their meaning. They imply that Moshe provided the deepest understanding of their meaning.

This is a lesson that every teacher, every speaker, and for that matter every person, when making a comment or talking to someone, must be clear in his wording and be sure the person understands his full meaning. How often do people become offended by what is said to them when in fact they did not understand what was implied. Students are often confused because the teacher did not express the thought clearly. Too many friendships have been broken and numerous marriages have been ruined because of a misunderstanding of what was meant.

Moshe understood what was meant and explained everything very clearly “until their conclusion”.


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