Dvar Torah Parshat Balak 5772 2012

When Bnei Yisrael were approaching the land of Moav, the king Balak sent to Bilam to come and cast a spell over the approaching nation. This is a strange means of warfare. Why didn’t he send out his army to fight them?

The Midrash (Bereshit Rabah Balak 20) states that Balak recognized Moshe’s victories were not normal. So he consulted with the leaders of Midyan, where Moshe had lived for many years, as to how to deal with him.
They advised him that Moshe’s strength is in is mouth. Hence Balak invited Bilam whose strength was also in his mouth, to come and cast a spell on the Israelites.

The State of Israel in modern times has won all its wars since the establishment of the country. True, it has a strong military. That in itself may not be the answer. Others also have strong militaries. The difference is the same difference that Moshe had over the enemies of his day. He had the help of the Almighty.

Israel today has the same support of the Almighty. There are people who may not want to recognize it but there is no other explanation that can be given why a little country like Israel can defend itself against overwhelming odds. Also, no rational reason can be given why a little country without the vast resources of other large and mighty nations, can be so innovative and offer the world so much in every field of endeavor.


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