Dvar Torah Parshat VaYetze 5772 2011

The Torah tells that when Yaakov was ready to lie down to sleep, VAYIKACH ME’AVNE HAMAKOM, “… he took from the stones of the place which he arranged around his head…”. (Gen. 28,11) When he arose the Torah says, VAYIKACH ET HA’EVEN, “…and took the stone that he placed around his head…”. (28,18)

Obviously there is a distinct change in the facts surrounding the “stones”. When he went to sleep there were many and when he arose there was only one. Rashi brings us the explanation that the Midrash offers. He says, the stones began quarreling with one another. One said, “Upon me let this righteous man rest his head”, and another said, “Upon me let him rest his head”. Immediately Hashem made them into one stone.

This sounds like a fanciful story bordering on a fairy tale. The truth, however, is that the Midrash is endeavoring to teach us a significant message that we should be aware of constantly. The Jewish people have all kinds of individuals. Many have varying opinions of what Judaism stands for. These opinions may differ widely and some may stray far afield. Some may hold theories that are so distant from what Judaism really is.

When it comes, however, to the survival of the Jewish people we should all be united. We may be different in our thinking like the many stones that Yaakov gathered, but when it comes to our continued existence we should all be united and stick together. We are all responsible for each other and must be like the one stone that Yaakov took when he arose from his dream.


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