Dvar Torah Parshat Re’eh 5771 2011

A Rabbi once related a dream he had about Gehinom. Things there were so deteriorated the angels decide that repairs were in order. They started discussing how to raise the money and concluded that no one will donate to rebuild Gehinom. One bright angel came up with a brilliant suggestion. He pointed out that Gan Eden was also in need of repairs. He thus suggested that they designate Gan Eden as Gehinom and raise money to build a new Gan Eden

This dream teaches an important truth. Many movements and values that people thought were a Gan Eden of an idea and would save the world, actually turn out to be a Gehinom. Take for example such movements as communism and fascism that were created to save the world, yet proved to be horrible life styles that killed millions of people. They were far from a Gan Eden and instead proved to be a Gehinom.

In the beginning of this week’s Portion Moshe advises the Bnei Israel that the laws handed down from Hashem if obeyed will lead to a Berachah. If they will be ignored they will lead to a curse.   Moshe places the choice before the people and he obviously advises them to select the blessings.         

Many Jews today fail to see the significance in complying with these heavenly dictates. They seek modern innovations that lead them far from the word of our Torah. Since they never observed the Mitzvot they cannot see the beauty in them and cannot appreciate the magnificent life style they offer those who live by them.


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