Dvar Torah Parshat Masei 5771 2011

The TorahMoshe recounts the journey in the Wilderness that the Israelites travelled when they left Egypt and made their long way to the Promised Land. He mentions all the stopovers that were made and reminds the people of incidents that took place in some of these spots.

In one of the stretches of land they traversed we are told: VAYISU MERFIDIM VAYACHANU BEMIDBAR SINAI, “They journeyed from Rephidim and they encamped in the Wilderness of Sinai.” (Num. 33,15) Though this is perhaps one of the most important stops they made, no mention is made that they received the Torah there.

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein offers a reason and suggests that it is due to the fact that the Torah must always be considered as if it were just given. It was not to be regarded as a document that was given thousands of years ago at Sinai. It is not a revelation given for a time and space but rather a way of life for all times and for all places.

Though there was a definite purpose that Sinai was selected for this occurrence, it was secondary to the fact that the Torah was granted to us for all times and all places.


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