Dvar Torah Parshat Tetzave 5771 2011

In the Book of Shemot which we are currently reading, Moshe’s name is mentioned constantly and in every Sidra. The only exception is in the Portion we read this Shabbat. Why is his name omitted? It is especially surprising since we read this Sidra during the week in which the Rabbis of the Talmud calculated that Moshe Rabbenu died, the seventh of Adar.

There is an interesting and insightful explanation given by Oznayim LaTorah, one of the homiletical works on the Torah. Most religions celebrate the death or the birth of its founder. They formulate a great observance for the occasion. Their faith is based around that particular individual.

Judaism does not condone any form of worship of an individual. Moshe was a great lawgiver and a great leader of our people, but he was simply an outstanding individual. We do not worship him nor grant him any supernatural powers. Hence the Torah omits his name from the reading during the week of his demise.


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