Dvar Torah Parshat Terumah 5771 2011

The Portion we read discusses the instructions given to Moshe concerning the TERUMAH or contributions Bnei Israel were to give to build the Mishkan. Chazal make a very perplexing statement when they say that for righteous people their money is more precious to them than their bodies. (Hul. 91a)

Rabbi Shapiro of Lublin (who started the practice of the Daf Yomi) explained it very simply. He said that righteous people use their money to help others. With money you can help the needy have food. With money you can help others establish themselves in business. With money you can help students obtain an education. These are things you cannot do with your body.

Money is a wonderful tool to accomplish many things. It is important only if you use it for the proper cause. It is not for your use alone. Rather, it is important for what you can accomplish with it for others.


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