Dvar Torah Parshat Beshalach 5771 2011

After leaving Egypt we find Bnei Israel camped at the sea and Pharaoh and his chariots are coming towards them. Frightened, they cry out to Hashem. They complain to Moshe and he too calls upon Hashem to help. Hashem’s answer to Moshe was: MAH TITZ’AK ELAI, “…why do you cry out to me…” (Ex. 14,15) Hashem tells Moshe to speak to the Israelites and let them go forth into the sea.

This is a strange objection that Hashem had against Moshe. Isn’t that the proper reaction? When a person is in trouble and can see no way out should he not cry to Hashem? That was exactly what Bnei Israel and Moshe were doing. They were praying to Hashem for help.

The answer Hashem gave to Moshe is very enlightening. Hashem said, in effect, if you want My help you cannot stand idly by but must also act. Tell the people to go forth. The divine help will come if the people do what they can on their own and then I will assist them.

We often find ourselves in difficult straights and become overwhelmed and lose complete ability to act. This is what the Children of Israel were told. Don’t stand by as if paralyzed. Act! Do what you can. Then, and only then, will My help come.


2 thoughts on “Dvar Torah Parshat Beshalach 5771 2011

  1. I’m wondering what the picture represents. I assume it’s the parting of the sea – is it a photograph of an actual natural occurrence or an artist’s representation? Thank you.

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