Dvar Torah Parshat Shelach 5770 2010

Moshe sent the spies to see the land. Whom did he pick to go? The Torah tells us: KULAM ANASHIM, RASHE BNEI ISRAEL HEMAH, “…they were all men, heads of the Children of Israel.” (Num. 13,3) Rashi explains that when the Torah uses the expression “men” it implies important individuals. If they were such wonderful people what made them go astray?

When these people entered Israel during their journey they began to realize that living in Israel will not be the same as living in the Wilderness. Throughout their travels, Hashem was with them and Moshe lead them with miraculous means. Whenever there was a problem it was solved with the help of the Almighty. They realized that once they entered Israel things would change. There they would get involved in world politics. There they would have to use their own judgment as to what action they should take. There they would need an army to battle constantly with the surrounding enemies. Life in Israel will not be as simple as it was in the Wilderness. Hence they decided to discourage the tribes.

The truth is that Israel today is experiencing the same dilemma. What sounded like an easy proposition to start the State of Israel is proving to be a very difficult task because of the surrounding enemies near and far. We must remember, however, that even in Israel Hashem is with us and we must not despair. Hashem does not abandon us even as he was with our forefathers when they entered Israel.


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