Dvar Torah Parshat Beha’alotcha 5770 2010

When Miryam and Aharon criticized Moshe, Hashem admonishes them for speaking wrongfully against their brother. The Torah’s wording in describing Moshe is: VEHA’ISH MOSHE ANAV ME’OD MIKOL HA’ADAM, “And the man Moshe was exceedingly humble more than any man…”. (Num 12,3)

Two descriptions are offered in portraying Moshe. He is “humble” but also “the man”. There are many people who are humble but are not real men. They feel so insecure and insignificant and that is what makes them humble. When it comes to a situation where they have to speak up and take a stand, there is no man there.

Being humble is a good trait but not under all circumstances. There are times when it is a fault. We have witnessed occasions when someone or even a group of people are acting improperly and everyone keeps quiet. We have attended meetings when the wrong action is being advocated and people sit by quietly feeling too humble to voice a negative opinion because the suggestion has come from a respected individual.

Moshe was humble but when he had to be, he was a man and took a stand. We see how many times he stood up against all the opposition he confronted.


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