Dvar Torah Parshat Behar 5770 2010

In BeChukotai we are promised that if we walk in the path of the Torah Hashem will send us blessings and peace. There will be prosperity in the land and we shall dwell in tranquility and security. The passage ends with the statement by Hashem that he took us out of Egypt and redeemed us from slavery: VA’OLECH ETCHEM KOMEMIYUT, “… and I led you erect.” (Lev. 26,13) What exactly is the meaning of the word KOMEMIYUT, erect?

Rashi explains that it means erect in stature. That means we were brought to the Promised Land as a proud people standing up prominently and proudly. Rabbi Meir in the Talmud has a slightly different interpretation. He deals with the plural of the word and connects it with the double height of Adam, the first man. (B.B. 75a)

This is also somewhat enigmatic. What did Rabbi Meir imply? Before Adam transgressed he was physically faultless as he had been created by Hashem and he was also spiritually perfect with direct communication with his Creator. He excelled in his physical appearance and in his spiritual status. That is how we were brought into the Promised Land.

This is our prayer in Grace After Meals. HARACHAMAN HU YOLICHENU KOMEMIYUT LE’ARTZENU, Hashem should lead us upright to our land with the double exalted stature. We should have the physical perfection of the land and the spiritual excellence it offers.


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