Dvar Torah Parshat VaYikra 5770 2010

The third book of the Torah, VaYikra, starts by telling us VAYIKRA EL MOSHE, “And He called Moshe…”. (Lev. 1,1) Hashem called Moshe and told him to enter the Mishkan. Moshe was responsible for building the Mishkan. Moshe was the leader of the Jewish people. Moshe took them out of Egypt and led them through the Wilderness. He crossed the sea with them and brought them the Manna and water and so many other things. Yet he did not enter the Mishkan until Hashem called him.

Chazal learn a very valuable principle from this. They state: Any Talmid Chacham who has no insight or understanding, a dead animal is superior to him. They are telling us that knowledge alone is not sufficient. With knowledge a person should also know how to use it.

Moshe certainly had great knowledge and learning but with it he had understanding and knew that to enter the Mishkan, even he had to wait until he is called. A person who is well recognized as an important individual is still not justified in assuming for himself special privileges. He is bound by protocol and manners like anyone else is.


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