Dvar Torah Parshat Bo 5770 2010

Pharaoh at long last agreed to allow the Israelites to leave Egypt, although he stipulates that the cattle and the flock shall remain. Moshe, however, insists that: VEGAM MIKNENU YELECH EMANU, “And also our livestock will go with us…” (Ex. 10,26) After all the plagues visited on Egypt Pharaoh was ready to let the Israelites go, why did he make such a fuss and not allow the livestock to go? Moshe also, his entire effort was to free the Jewish people, why could he not leave without the livestock?

The persistence on both sides was extremely meaningful. Pharaoh finally recognized that Hashem was supreme, but he could not accept the belief that Hashem rules on material matters as well. He believed that Hashem was protecting the Israelites but He had no control over their possessions.

Moshe, on the other hand, stressed the Jewish belief that Hashem has control on everything, including the possessions and material aspects of the world. He thus insisted that the cattle go along with the people.

This is a basic difference between Jewish belief and many other religions. We believe that Hashem is the Master of the entire universe and everything in it.


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