Dvar Torah Parshat Shemot 5770 2010

Pharaoh had decreed that every Jewish male child was to be cast into the Nile River. When Moshe was born his mother, Yocheved, tried to hide him in her home as long as she could. When it became impossible to keep him longer she was forced to put him in a Tevah, a box, and placed him in the Nile.

The questioned asked is, “How did she do such a thing?” Did she not think that the Tevah could be overturn by a wave and Moshe would be cast into the waters? Even if that would not happen, did she not imagine that some Egyptian would find him and kill him?

The answer is that she certainly thought of those possibilities but in truth she had no other solution. She was forced to do something and this was the best chance she had to save Moshe. She did what she could and she placed her faith in Hashem that He would spare her son.

Many times we are faced with a dilemma and can see no solution to a problem that confronts us. We are not to despair. We are to take a lesson from Yocheved and do the best we can. We must, however, not lose faith in Hashem but must trust that He would help.


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