Dvar Torah Parshat Vayigash 5770 2009

From the moment Yosef laid eyes on his brothers in Egypt he dealt harshly with them. So much so, that they questioned the meaning of it. They asked: MAH ZOT ASAH ELOKIM LANU, “…what is this that Hashem has done to us?” (Gen. 42,28) They could not understand what was happening. It was only when Yosef revealed himself to them did they fully grasp what was going on.

The Chafetz Chaim said that in the happenings in the world the same is true. We see things occurring and do not understand why. We search for reasons but are frustrated to come up with answers. It is only when we hear Hashem speaking to us and saying: ANI HASHEM, I am Hashem, then things become clear.

We must realize that there is HASHGACHA PRATIT or Providence in this world. Only then can we begin to understand. What happens is directed by Hashem. There is meaning though we cannot pin-point the cause and the result. We believe, however, that there is righteousness and justice in the conduct of this world.


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