Dvar Torah Parshat Vayetzei 5770 2009

When Yaakov fled from Esav we are told that he lay down to rest and gathered around him stones for protection from wild animals. He did not place the stones around his entire body but the Torah says: VAYASEM MERASHOTAV, “…he arranged them around his head.” (Gen. 28,11)

There is an interesting deduction that can be seen in this passage. The Jew has always been subjected to physical harassment though out our history. He was able to withstand this persecution. We rarely hear that the Jew stood up physically against this maltreatment. When the nations of the world tried to affect our thinking, when they tried to change our beliefs, then we stood our ground and refused to budge.

We did not fight back when they harmed our bodies, as it were, but when they attempted to touch our heads with their ideas, philosophy and religion, we stood our ground. The Jew has never succumbed to pressure to abandon our beliefs.


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