Book Review: Torah For Your table

Compiled By: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

Review by: Fern Sidman

[excerpt:…Reminding us of the infamous words of King Solomon who said, “Death and life are in the tongue”, the authors teach us that through the power of speech we have within our capability to create or destroy. “There are more commandments in the Torah in regard to speech than to any other mitzvah; seventeen negative and fourteen positive mitzvos”, the authors teach us, adding the admonition, “Think before you speak and ask yourself, ‘Will my words generate light or darkness, love or hatred, blessing or curse?’ The choice is yours to make. Use your Divine gift of speech carefully and wisely, in the service of the Almighty.”]
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One thought on “Book Review: Torah For Your table

  1. ELM

    I have seen that the words we speak are as judgements when pronounced; but the AL Mighty is not hurt or healed by our tongues. who then must I be careful of. I humbly await a response

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