Dvar Torah Parshat Ki Tavo 2009 5769

Moshe gives a vivid description of a ceremony that was to take place as soon as the Israelites crossed into the Holy Land. The tribes were to be divided into two groups. One was to stand on Har Grizim for the blessings of our people and the other on Har Eval for the curses that will befall our people if they abandon the Torah.

When one reads further in the torah we see a very perplexing phenomenon. When the actual recitation of the blessings and curses are mentioned, only the curses are given and not the blessings.

Perhaps the Torah is telling us a message about conduct. The fact that the tribes were divided into two groups was to tell us that when the Jewish people are divided and not united then the blessings are hard to come by. When Jews are united and stand up for each other, the unity brings greater good fortune to our people. It is the old adage, “united we stand, divided we fall.”


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