Dvar Torah Parshat Ki Tetze 2009 5769

The opening verses of this week’s Sidra speak about how one should conduct himself in war. The teachers of Musar, or ethical conduct, explain these passages homiletically. They say it refers to going out to battle against the Yetzer Hara or the evil inclination that a person has. One should constantly be battling against this impulse.

The Torah says when you go out to battle against your enemies UNETANO HASHEM ELOKECHA BEYADECHA, “…and Hashem will deliver them into your hands…”. (Deut. 21,10) This, the Musar teachers tell us is a promise from Hashem. If you attempted to withstand your Yetzer Hara, Hashem will give it over to you and you will be able to prevail.

Often we have temptations to do something we know is wrong but we feel overpowered, that we do not have the strength to overcome the temptations. The Torah assures us, if we make a sincere effort we will have the divine assistance and will succeed to withstand these evil desires and will be strong enough to avoid succumbing to them. We must only make the effort and we will triumph.


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