Dvar Torah Shavuot 5769 2009

The holiday of Shavuot is known as ZMAN MATAN TORATENU. Why is it not ZMAN KABALAT TORATENU? Why MATAN, the giving of the Torah and not KABALAT the receiving of the Torah?

One answer could be that the Torah was given to us only once, at Har Sinai when our forefathers left Egypt and were on their way to the Promised Land. Then Bnei Israel stood at the foot of the mountain and heard the voice of Hashem proclaiming the Ten Commandments. Moshe later received the rest of the entire Torah.

That was a one time act. After the Torah was given to us it then became our obligation to acquire it to make it our own. How is this done? By studying the Torah, by living according to its dictates and, not of lesser importance, by transmitting it to others and to the next generation to assure its survival, it becomes ours.

We celebrate the day we were given the Torah on Shavuot, ZMAN MATAN TORATENU, but ZMAN KABALAT TORATENU, the time we acquire the Torah is every day when we learn and teach and observe it.


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