Dvar Torah Parshat Tazria – Metzora 2009 5769 דבר תורה פרשת תזריע מצורע

One of the duties of the Kohanim, we read in today’s Sidra, is to examine what appears as a NEGA or an affliction on the skin of an individual. This is obviously a menial task. Moshe realized this and according to the Midrash said to Hashem, “Is this an honorable task for my brother Aharon, to inspect the NEGA of people?” (Lev. Rab. 15;8)

The response he received from Hashem was that as a Kohen he also receives all the gifts from the people. In effect what Moshe was being told is that there is good and bad in everything. All benefits carry with them drawbacks.

When a person is appointed or elected to a high position it is indeed an honor. He must realize, however, that with this honor come responsibilities. Often we seek a job or position that seems to be a most desirable and attractive status only to find that with it comes many unwanted and boring and monotonous tasks.

The point is that there is good and not so good in everything and it is up to us to make the best of every situation.


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