Dvar Torah Pesach Shabbat Chol Hamo’ed 5769 2009

In the Haftora of Shabbat Chol Hamo’ed Pesach we read the prophesy of Yechezkel known as the “valley of the dry bones”. Hashem tells the prophet to speak to these dead dry bones and they will come back to life. The Talmud discusses this incident and comes up with three different opinions of what happened.

One Rabbi says that the bones actually came back to life miraculously; they stood up and sang praises to Hashem and then died again. Another opinion was that this entire episode was merely a MASHAL or a parable. A third opinion says that these resurrected bones migrated to Israel, married and raised children. (San. 92b)

The story of the restoration of these bones in reality can represent the rebirth of the State of Israel in modern times after centuries of the Diaspora. The three opinions found in the Talmud can well describe the three different attitudes of Jews with reference to Israel today.

When Israel was founded in our days many Jews reacted similarly to the action described in the first opinion. These Jews stood up and praised the great accomplishment of the Jewish people and were proud of what happened. They soon returned to their lethargy and have nothing to do with Israel.

A second Jewish type looked at the establishment of Israel as a parable. It is great; it is wonderful; it is the realization of a dream of two thousand years. But it is only a dream and does not relate to them.

The third type of Jew sees in the establishment of the state the fulfillment of the promise of Hashem to His people and takes it seriously. To him it is a reality for which our people has prayed for centuries. Some took it so seriously that they moved to Israel and changed their entire life style. Others who can not do that support the state in whatever manner they can. But they see Israel as a real fact and as the restoration of the “dry bones”.


One thought on “Dvar Torah Pesach Shabbat Chol Hamo’ed 5769 2009

  1. Dr P Mark Portnoy

    Can I get permission to re-print excerpts in a weekly congregational newsletter, (Young Israel at Pico/Robertson, Los Angeles)?
    If yes, how should “permission” be printed with the excerpt?

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