Dvar Torah Parshat Vayakhel – Pekudei 2009 5769 דבר תורה פרשת ויקהל פקודי

We are told that when Bnei Israel stood at Mt Sinai to receive the Torah they were united as one man with one heart. When they transgressed and created the Egel Hazahav we are told they became disunited everyone pulling in a different direction. As a matter of fact the Talmud Yerushalmi tells us that they could not even agree on what kind of Egel they should make. Each tribe made its own.

Moshe was about to instruct the tribes to build the Mishkan and we read in today’s Torah Portion: VAYAKHEL MOSHE ET KOL ADAT BNEI ISRAEL “And Moshe assembled all the congregation of the Children of Israel…”. (Ex. 35,1) Moshe had to assemble the people and bring them together again. Before building the Mishkan Moshe had to reunite the people. Only as a unified people were they able to build the House of Hashem.

This is a very significant message for all times. When people are interested in building a synagogue or a Yeshiva or any type of a religious institution there most be unity among them. They must be of one mind and one heart. You cannot have everyone pulling in a different direction. Working together Lema’an Hashem they can succeed.


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