Dvar Torah Parshat Terumah 2009 5769 דבר תורה פרשת תרומה

One of the items that was constructed to be used in the Mishkan was the Menorah. The Menorah had six branches and a stem. The unique feature of the Menorah was that it had to be constructed MIKSHA, “hammered out”.. (Ex. 25,31) Rashi explains that this means its parts were not to be created separately and then attached the way many of the other utensils were created.

A Rabbi once suggested that there was a significant reason for this. The branches represented different factions of Jews. They corresponded to diverse kinds of Jews, each living his Judaism in a different style. Though this is not the ideal situation and preferably Jews should live by observance of the Torah, nevertheless, all Jews, whether they observe or not, are part of the Jewish people.

Thus the different branches of the Menorah symbolized the various types of Jews, but the Menorah had to be constructed and hammered out from one solid piece. This was to emphasize the strong belief that all Jews comprise the Jewish peop


4 thoughts on “Dvar Torah Parshat Terumah 2009 5769 דבר תורה פרשת תרומה

  1. Renee

    Terumah was my Bat Mitzvah portion. I was in Ilana Goor’s lovely museum yesterday (Tel Aviv). I asked Ariela in the gift shop about the fabrication of some pieces: whether they were cast whole or formed from separate pieces attached after casting. Imagine my surprise when for some crazy reason I googled my parsha today. Thank you for this d’var.

  2. Chaya

    As always, this was very true and very relevant in today’s world. Since the Jews are all joined together as one menorah, now all we need to do is to unite and ask HaShem to kindle the light!

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