Dvar Torah Parshat Chaye Sarah 2008 5769 דבר תורה פרשת חיי שרה

The Torah tells us: VAHASHEM BERACH ET AVRAHAM BAKOL, “…and Hashem blessed Avraham with everything.” (Gen. 24,1) What is meant by “everything”? This term can imply so many things. What exactly could it mean?

The truth is that no one, no matter how wealthy he is, could have everything. The Talmud actually says he who has a hundred Manna (a monetary amount) wants two. The implication is that there is always another thing that a person could want and by human nature does actually covet. What then does the Pasuk mean?

In Pirke Avot we learn that “who is rich? One who is satisfied with what he has.” A person can never be happy with his possessions unless he is by nature satisfied with whatever he has and does not keep dreaming of acquiring more. Only such a person can be happy. Perhaps this what the Torah means. Avraham was a person who was satisfied with the gifts he had been given and was not looking to augment his wealth. That was the blessing he got. His blessing was that he was satisfied and therefore felt that he had everything. He did not have to seek more.

This is not an easy trait to have but it should be a goal that we all seek.


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