Dvar Torah Parashat Nitzavim 2008 5768 דבר תורה פרשת נצבים

Moshe gathered all the people and starts his talk to them by saying: ATEM NITZAVIM HAYOM KULCHEM, “You are all standing this day…”(Deut. 29,9) The word “today” is really superfluous. What does it add to his talk?

The Midrash Tanchuma (Nitzavim Daled) makes a very interesting observation. Moshe compares the trials and tribulations of Israel to the day. Just as the day is sometimes cloudy and sometimes bright and clear, so to is the history of the Jewish people.

Sometimes like the day it is cloudy. There are troubles. There is persecution. There is tragic mistreatment. However, it is passing. Just like the day, after a cloudy day the sun can come out and the day becomes beautiful. So too, after a tragic period in Jewish history, fortune can shine upon the Jews and the Jewish destiny becomes bright.

This, incidentally, is true also in our personal lives. We go through dark periods in school, at work, with our friends and acquaintances, yet these can be only passing. If we retain our hope and faith we can weather the passing storm and life can brighten up.


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