Dvar Torah Parshat Va’etchanan 2008 5768 דבר תןרה פרשת ואתחנן

During Tisha BeAv we read a Biblical portion that comes from this week’s Sidra. We read: KI TOLIDU BANIM UVNE VANIM VENOSHANTEM BA’ARETZ, “When you shall give birth to children and children’s children, and you shall be long in the land, and you shall become corrupt…” (Deut. 4,25) A Rabbi explained this passage in a very unique way.

He said, if you have children and grandchildren and they look upon you as having been living long in the land and have already passed your age of understanding, that is, they look upon you as from a different generation and a different type of life, then it is an indication that they have become corrupt. It is a sign that they have rejected your way of life and your teachings. They are seeking a new lifestyle, inconsistent with your ideals.

Judaism teaches us to respect our elders and not to reject their teaching. What they have to say may sound strange to you but they speak from experience and have much to contribute to your lifestyle.


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