Dvar Torah Parshat Devarim 2008 2768 דבר תורה פרשת דברים

Moshe opens his discourse with Bnei Israel and tells them that Hashem: BERACHACHA BECHOL MA’ASEH YADECHA, “Hashem has blessed you in all the works of your hand”. (Deut. 3,7) The Midrash says, “Perhaps you will think that you will sit by idly and Hashem will bless you. Therefore the Torah says ‘in all the works of your hand’. If one works, he is blessed. If one does not work, there is no blessing.” Mid. Yalk. (808)

A person is obligated to be a productive member of society. Sitting back safely and hoping for miracles is not an acceptable lifestyle. The Halacha tells us that a gambler is disqualified from giving testimony in court. Such a person is not a contributor to society. He gambles and expects to gain, not through his efforts, but through chance or a miracle from Hashem.

Moshe promises the blessings of Hashem on the work of our hands. If we do, we will be helped. If we expect things to fall our way on a silver platter it will not happen. We all know the expression: “G-d helps those who help themselves.”


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