Dvar Torah Parshat Shelach 2008 5768 דבר תורה פרשת שלח

We all know that when the spies came back from touring the Land of Israel they gave a negative report. Reviewing their statement we can see it was not all destructive. They did report that the land is VEGAM ZAVAT CHALAV UDVASH, “…it is indeed a land flowing with milk and honey,” (Num. 13.27) Rashi comments, based on the Midrash, that any lie that has not a partial truth in it will not be able to survive scrutiny. The spies started with a good report to win over the hearts of the people and then proceeded to speak negatively about the land.

This is the nature of all evil men who wish to denigrate someone or a thing. They will first start with a favorable truth and then move on to slander the person or thing. Today in this world and under the corrupt nature of so many individuals we must be extremely on guard to protect us from this type of shenanigan.

Many people and even governments will lie about their foes but they will, nevertheless, give the enemy credit for some good and then proceed to demonize them. We must be ever aware of what our enemy is endeavoring to do and act accordingly.


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