Dvar Torah Shemini 2008 – 5768 דבר תורה שמיני

Moshe and Aharon came out of the Mishkan and blessed the people. Then the Torah tells us VAYERA CHVOD HASHEM, “…and the glory of Hashem appeared…”.(Lev. 9,23) What is strange about this statement is that whenever we read that Hashem appeared the Torah relates that He came to present a law or to reprimand someone or to communicate some message. In this passage we are not told anything about the purpose of Hashem’s appearance.

Perhaps the purpose was simple to demonstrate satisfaction with the actions of Bnei Yisrael in building the Mishkan. The mere presence of Hashem at that very moment indicates an honor which Hashem wishes to bestow on His people.

Often we are invited to attend functions that have questionable purposes. We may think that we cause no harm in attending. Our presence does not imply our support of the intention of the gathering. From this we see the opposite is true. If we are present at a function it is an indication we agree with the reason the function has been organized. We must be extremely careful where we go and where we are seen.


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