Dvar Torah Tzav 2008 – 5768 דבר תורה צו

If a person transgresses and has to atone for his actions, we are instructed that the person bring a sin-offering and the Kohanim must eat this sacrifice within the confines of the Mishkan courtyard, not outside. (Lev. 6,19) When the Kohen Gadol transgresses and wishes to bring his sin-offering he must perform the ritual of the Korban publicly in front of the entrance to the Mishkan and not inside. (Lev. 4,4)

Why is there such a difference between the atonement of a private Jew and the Kohen Gadol? There may be many explanations for this difference but one in particular is very telling. The purpose for the Kohen Gadol to bring his sin-offering publicly is to show that there is no favorite treatment for the leaders of the people. Just as the individual must adhere to the proscribed laws so too are the leaders obliged to live by them.

Unfortunately, we find many government and even business leaders believe they have a different set of obligations. We often read about corruption and embezzlement. This is because these leaders consider themselves outside of the law. This is what the Torah is expressing. Even the Kohen Gadol has to live within the law


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