Dvar Torah Vayikra 2008 – 5768 דבר תורה ויקרא

The Midrash Shemot Rabbah (19;3) provides an interesting honorable and admirable way a person should conduct himself. It relates a Rabbinic teaching that Moshe Rabbenu had a logical reason for not entering into the Mishkan until he was called as we learn in the opening word of this new Book of the Bible which we start reading today.

The Torah says: VAYIKRA EL MOSHE, “And He called to Moshe…” (Lev.1,1) Moshe was responsible for the construction of the Mishkan and was certainly permitted to enter into it at all times. Nevertheless, we see he did not enter the first time until he was called.

The Rabbis tell us that this was something Moshe did on his own and Hashem agreed with his action. Moshe reasoned that at Mt. Sinai, which was a temporary dwelling of Hashem when the Torah was given, he was not permitted to ascend until he was called. The Mishkan, which was a permanent dwelling of the Shechina, certainly was a holier site and he was not permitted to enter until he was called.

It is obligatory on us to refrain from doing certain actions until we know for sure that it is expected of us to act in this manner.


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