Dvar Torah Pekude 2008 – 5768 דבר תורה פיקודי

Our Portion this week gives a complete accounting of all the materials that went into the construction of the Mishkan that Betzalal was assigned to make. We are told all the work was completed and the Torah adds: VAYA’ASU BNEI YISRAEL KECHOL ASHER TZIVA, “…and the Children of Israel did all as Hashem had commanded…” (Ex. 37,32) The Torah commentaries point out the fact that not all the Children of Israel built the Mishkan. It was only Betzalel and his workers who worked on the construction.

Here the Torah gave credit to all the people because everyone had some share in its construction. Some people donated the gold, silver and copper and other necessary ingredients. Some did the knitting of materials. Some did the coloring of the skins. Some made the utensils that were to be used. Since everyone did something that was necessary it was considered as if they had actually all built the Mishkan.

We often think of the individual or persons that we know worked on a project as the people responsible for its success. We forget all the back up people who were needed to bring the venture to a successful completion. This Pasuk emphasizes that for a successful undertaking it takes the cooperation of many different people and all are to be given credit for the accomplishment.


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