Dvar Torah Terumah 2008 – 5768 דבר תורה תרומה

In Mishpatim which we read last week we learned the laws of Judaism and they included laws dealing with business matters. In Judaism, business law is also considered religious law. In this week’s Sidra we are told about making contributions for the Mishkan, who had to contribute and how much and what was acceptable and what not.

A Torah commentary once asked, what is the reason for this particular juxtaposition of passages and why did Mishpatim precede Terumah. His answer was extremely meaningful for Jews to learn and adhere to.

We are being told that when we conduct ourselves in business we must do so with the greatest moral and ethical principles. We were first given the laws so we should know unequivocally how to behave and how to treat our fellow men. In every walk of life and in every one of our transactions we must bring to play our Jewish ethics so that people will recognize the wisdom of Judaism.


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