Dvar Torah Yitro 2008 – 5768 דבר תורה יתרו

Bnei Israel are camped at the foot of Har Sinai and they are given instructions as to how they are to conduct themselves during Matan Torah. Hashem tells Moshe to relate to the people: VEKIDASHTAM HAYOM UMACHAR, “…and sanctify them today and tomorrow”. (Ex. 19,10)

The essential instruction is the word “tomorrow”. When they are about to receive the Torah there is no doubt that they will stay sanctified and anticipate the words of Hashem. The important consideration is that they should remain sanctified even tomorrow, that is, even after they leave Har Sinai and they go back to their tents and to their regular daily activities.

As it affects us, we too are certainly in a high level of spiritual feelings when we are in the synagogue or when we are in the midst of observing a religious ritual. What is important is that when we are engaged in a religious act and then we go back to our regular daily routine, we should be cognizant even then of our ethical and moral obligations.

In business, in school, in a store, virtually in every activity we perform we must make sure that we behave in a manner that brings honor to us and the Torah. We are not to do things that will cause people to criticize us and through us the Torah. We must remember and know that whatever we do reflects on us, our family and Klal Yisrael.


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