Dvar Torah Va’era 2008 – 5768 דבר תורה וארא

Hashem sent Moshe to redeem the Children of Israel from Egypt but when Moshe spoke to the Israelites they would not listen. When Hashem instructed Moshe to go back to Egypt to speak to Pharaoh, Moshe complained: HEN BNEI ISRAEL LO SHAM’U ELAI VE’EICH YISHMA’EINI FAR’O, “…behold the Children of Israel did not listen to me, how will Pharaoh?” (Ex. 6,12)

History repeats itself. In our day and age there are people living in Israel, Jewish citizens of the land, who are not convinced that the Jews belong in this land. Indeed, the left is finding all opportunities to justify the terrorism of the Arabs and accuse Israel of wrong doing. If our own Jews are not convinced that Israel should be a Jewish land how can one expect that the Arabs would accept it or even the rest of the world?

The discussion in the Torah is interrupted with the lineage of Moshe and Aharon and then the Torah continues with the discussion. (Ex. 7,2) Hashem instructs Moshe once again to go speak the words that Hashem will put in his mouth and Aharon will speak to Pharaoh. What does this mean? It indicates that Moshe’s mission is to redeem the people from Egypt. He adds, however, that Aharon will speak to Pharaoh. Aharon will be responsible for the public relations. He will explain the meaning and purpose of the exodus.

Today too, Israel must go about and do what is best for the country, regardless of what the world thinks. The Jews throughout the world, however, should be using all their influence and all their persuasive capabilities to explain to the world the justification of Israel’s cause. World Jewry has an obligation to support Israel and do the public relations for this besieged country. Perhaps that is why there are still Jews in the Diaspora.


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