Dvar Torah Vayechi 2004 – 5764 דבר תורה ויחי

Yosef’s brothers hated him for no real reason and as a result Yosef ended up in Egypt and later his entire family came down to live there. This was the first Galut that our Jewish people had to endure. It all resulted from SIN’AT CHINAM, “ unnecessary hatred”.

Chazal tell us that the Bet Hamikdash was destroyed because of SIN’AT CHINAM, because the Jewish people living at the time could not get along with each other. The result was that again the Jewish people ended up in Galut. When Jews cannot get along with each other, the result is devastating.

Yaakov, in Egypt, already foresaw this. Before his death he called all his children together and one of the things he said to them was: HE’ASFU VE’AGIDA LACHEM, “gather together and I will tell you what will happen in the days to come.” (Gen. 49:1) This is what Yaakov was explaining to his sons. Gather together; do not act like strangers to each other. Do not show hatred. That can only lead to hardships, to Galut, to disaster for the Jewish people.

In our times today, this message is very important. Israel is faced by deadly enemies bent on destroying the country. The world has united against Israel and can’t find to see anything right in what Israel does. If it does one thing it is criticized and if it does the opposite it is again criticized. At least the Jews themselves have to be united. Without internal unity we cannot expect the world to act any better.


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